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Satoru Iwata: Death and Business

By Adam  |  13 Jul 2015 15:00:00

There was quite a big piece of sad news today: Satoru Iwata, CEO and president of popular video game company, Nintendo, has died aged only fifty-five. This has been a huge shock to many as his regular video presentations meant that fans of the business got a good idea of what he was like, which made this much more of a personal loss. His last presentation was less than a month ago and, in it, he seemed to be in perfectly good health, which only goes to strengthen the shock and the pain of his death. It is a sad day and he will be missed.


Of course, every death is a tragedy and needs to be acknowledged, but you might be wondering what that has to do with this eCommerce-based blog. Well, the fact is that each death serves as a reminder of our own eventual demise; Iwata was the president of Nintendo, and being a huge, very professional business, Nintendo will likely continue to run perfectly without any disruption to business. But what would happen to your eCommerce business if anything were to happen to you? It might feel a bit morbid, but this is something you need to think about.


If you've got a Sellr store and you run your eCommerce business quite happily, what would happen if, Heaven forbid, you were to meet an untimely end? Who would have access to your supplies, who would know how to use Sellr, who could get in touch with customers, who would even have a password for your website? Whether you want your business to live on after you or not is your decision, but it would definitely be a good idea to leave some instructions, with regards to your eCommerce website. The last thing you'd want is for your grieving friends and/or family to have to deal with calls from angry customers who are annoyed that their delivery is late.


There's no solid answer as to what is the best thing to arrange for in those circumstances, but you should always make arrangements. Not just arrangements for your eCommerce website, either, arrangements for every area of your life, but I have written this post highlight that, this too, will need consideration. I'll end simply by saying, again, what a sad loss it has been to lose Satoru Iwata.


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