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Sellr: The Alternative to Volusion

By Adam  |  12 Sep 2015 12:00:00

The eCommerce industry is continuing to grow and become more and more profitable. Therefore, it's no surprise that numerous eCommerce businesses which provide people with the ability to create their own eCommerce websites are starting to appear all over the place. If you're somebody who's looking for that kind of service, you might be looking through the options and find Volusion; Volusion is quite a well-known and respected eCommerce provider. But what if you wanted to check all of the options first, rather than just going for the first thing you come across? If that is the case, I’d like to introduce you to Sellr, the alternative to Volusion.


If you go for Sellr, not only will you be supporting an independently owned and run business, but you'll be getting a superior service. Firstly, with our 'Sellr FREE' package you can use Sellr for free indefinitely. We offer this because we realise that any business venture has its risks and we want everybody to be comfortable with our software before they have to pay or make any commitments. You could hypothetically use Sellr for free forever if you only ever wanted an eCommerce website as something you did on the side. Volusion, meanwhile, merely offers you a short free trial. Plus, their cheapest option (which is still a hefty £108 per year) doesn't even give you as many features as our free package. So, that's a rip off.


Plus, Volusion will not design a website for you. With the more expensive Sellr packages, we'll make you your very own, unique website. If you do it right now, it will cost you only £199.99 to have a website made especially for you and your business. Sure, Volusion will give you a lot of services for their most expensive package, but as they do not build the website too, that's a pretty significant step down. Our top packages don't just include a custom website though, we also have all kinds of services to help you drive sales and to do some excellent marketing. So if this sounds like the kind of thing you might like, why not sign up to Sellr right away?


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