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Sellr: The Alternative to Yahoo Stores

By Adam  |  18 Sep 2015 10:00:00

Are you hoping to start up your own eCommerce website and make all your dreams come true? If so, you doubtlessly would like to take a look around the internet in order to try and find the service which is best for your plans. One of these services is Yahoo Stores (part of Yahoo Small Business) and potentially you're looking into that as the option for you. But wait, before you take any drastic action, you should consider Sellr as Sellr is an alternative to Yahoo Stores and, actually, it's a much better service in general.


Yahoo's "unparalleled" service is actually not only paralleled but also surpassed by Sellr and it baffles me that they would even make such an audacious claim. I mean, sure, there's marketing but then there's also lying. They offer three different packages: Basic ($26 / £16.62 per month) Professional ($69 / £44.12 per month) and Premier ($249 / £159.21 per month) and if you compare them to Sellr FREE, Sellr Go (£9.99 per month), Sellr Pro (£19.99 per month or £199.99 per year) and Sellr Business (£49.99 per month or £499.99 per year) you see that our prices are much better. But it's not just cheaper, it's better too. If you go for the annual Sellr Pro package or higher then we'll build you your very own custom designed eCommerce website, you just need to give us the specs and we'll have it to you as fast as possible! Plus all of the SEO and marketing tools that are provided by Yahoo are also provided by Sellr; our blogging, social media and email marketing tools, especially, are very useful.


So if you were thinking about using Yahoo to create your own eCommerce website, I hope this has persuaded you to think twice and go for Sellr. If that is something you would like to do, why not sign up right away? If you're at all unsure, you could always sign up for the free version and experiment before making any monetary commitments. If you’re not sure that selling over your own website is a good idea, read this.


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