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Shopify Vs Sellr

By Adam  |  12 Sep 2015 19:00:00

Shopify is the big name in the world of eCommerce. It's been around for over ten years which has given it time to gain the reputation of being the go to business anytime somebody wants to start an eCommerce website. So, surely, a small independent UK business like Sellr can't compete? Well, I'm afraid that is an erroneous presumption and, actually, Sellr can proudly stand toe to toe with Shopify and offer a service which many would consider superior to Shopify's.


Firstly, let's compare the cheapest packages. Shopify lets you have a free trial for two weeks. This is good because it gives you a little while to see whether or not the service is right for you without having to make any monetary commitments. Fair enough. But, while Shopify provides you with a temporary free trial, Sellr, meanwhile, offers a package called 'Sellr FREE' which, you guessed it, is completely free. 'Sellr FREE' can be used indefinitely. This means that you can not only get a feel for whether or not you like our software, but you can wait until you're earning enough through the business before you start paying us for anything.


But, on the flipside, let's look ahead to the most expensive packages. Sellr's will cost you £499.99 a year while Shopify's will cost you £1393.68 a year... Quite a significant difference! Does that mean that Shopify will give you a lot more? Well, not really. If you go for Sellr's most expensive package, we'll build you your own custom website! No, we won’t just build you something using the tools you'd use to build it yourself, we'll make you a wholly unique website based on your input. In fact, we'll even do that with 'Sellr Pro' which is our second biggest package and only £199.99 a year! Shopify won't build you a website. Plus, the additional services that they provide (in regards to marketing, shipping and so on) aren't really superior to the very same services that Sellr provides.


So, in the metaphorical fight of Shopify Vs Sellr, who is the winner? If you ask me, it's Sellr. But, I mean, these facts speak for themselves. So if you were hoping to start an eCommerce website, or were simply hoping to change your provider, then I hope that this has persuaded you to go for Sellr rather than the more obvious choice of Shopify and I hope that you'll have lots of success with it too!


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