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Simple Link Building Tips

By Adam  |  29 Apr 2016 12:00:00

For an online business to be successful it needs to have good SEO and to have good SEO you need to have lots of links leading back to your site. Of course, links aren't the only contributing factor when it comes to SEO, but they are one of the most important ones. In today's blog post I would like to take you over some simple link building tips which can help you to get links leading back to your site and then hopefully help your eCommerce website to rank more highly in internet searches.


The first and most obvious way for you to increase the links back to your site is by including links on all of your social media profiles. It's a very simple thing to do, but it's surprising to see how many people fail to include a link to their site on social media pages. Links on social media aren't all that valuable though because anybody can put links up on their social media pages. So what else can you do? Well, if you know of any blog or news sites which cover areas of information related to your business, you should try writing an article and asking them if they'd like to post what you've written. You can make the case that it's a good piece of content which will be good for their site and then you can include a link back to your own site either in the main body of the text or in an "About the Author" section. You might also try using article submission sites, which are basically just the same thing but on a smaller, less effective scale.


So I hope those few simple link building tips were useful for you. Link building can be a very good way to help your business rank more highly in internet searches and to be discovered by as many people as possible. There are other link building methods too, but I have just decided to cover the basics for today. If you have another idea, by all means go for it - originality and creativity are very welcome in the business world. However you decided to improve the SEO of your eCommerce website, I hope it will be a success! But if you don't even have an eCommerce site yet, then sign up to Sellr now and get started for no cost at all.


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