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Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Adam  |  5 Aug 2016 12:00:00

You'll need this to celebrate if you follow this strategy.

A lot of people would like to do social media marketing, but they have no idea about what to do. So often you'll see business Facebook pages, business Twitter pages and other social media pages where there's an extremely small number of followers, a very small number of posts and a huge period of time since the first update: it's clear that that business has had an unsuccessful experiment with social media marketing. So for today's blog post, here's a basic strategy to try on your social media pages:


  1. Create the Page and Promote It
    I don't mean that you have to pay money to promote your page right away (though it helps.) What you should do is include as many links as possible on and around your eCommerce website. Include it in your newsletters, put it on the check out screen, put it wherever you can think of that will seem appropriate.

  2. Start a Blog, Write Good Content, Share it
    Good content should be at the heart of any social media marketing campaign and social media is exactly what you need to make your content as effective as possible. These two thing go together like cheese and onion. Well written, interesting content will be the kind of thing which people will enjoy reading and so will be the kind of thing which people will click on if they see it shared on social media. Each of these piece of content could end with a small sales plug, to help to try and push sales.

  3. Stay on Trend
    There are new things trending on the different networks every day - keep your eye on what's popular. Try to share relevant posts and products which will tie into the latest trends. Even writing a simple post could be worthwhile, since some people look through the hashtags.

  4. Interact With People
    Any time somebody comments or says something to you, respond and thank them for their interaction. This is a nice way to be generally pleasant and if lots of people see this, it will make your business look good.


Obviously this is quite a basic structure, but this is something which anybody could do and which will work if done well. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of something you can do with your social media profiles - this coud be a great way to promote your eCommerce website, but if you don't yet have an eCommerce website, then sign up to Sellr now and get started right away!


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