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By Adam  |  7 Aug 2015 19:00:00

For many, social media is a platform on which to promote your business and, it's true, that is one of the many uses that social media has. However, it's not just about promotion and a key part of social media marketing which often gets overlooked is the 'social' side of it. Yes, you can make lots of posts about why your business is good, but you should also be interacting with others. This is a great way to build up the number of your followers, to reach new people and to make your business look good. Twitter is the main platform that you would use to do this and I shall give an introduction to social media networking in this blog post.


But how do you do it? Well, I can see why it might be hard. Twitter has millions of users and you want to make sure you're interacting with the right ones. This is where Twitter's hashtags come in very handy. Say you had just written an excellent piece of content about fun uses for your product, then you tweeted about it and added the appropriate hashtag. Once the tweet is up you can click on that hashtag and find all of the recent tweets which have been written about the same subject. You can also search through the hashtags like this via the search bar. This makes finding potential customers a lot easier. Once you've found the people who you think might be interested in your business, take a look at their Twitter feeds. Retweet anything you think is good and which might be of interest to the rest of your customers and reply to a few of their tweets. Be positive, be kind, but don't try to advertise your business. The kind words alone, coming from your business's account, will be good enough advertising. The people you interact with will then likely look at your own Twitter feed, see more marketing based tweets and, hopefully, take a look at your website. Even if a purchase is not made right away, they at least know who you are.


So, if you put that to good use, you should be able to reach a large number of new people. Not only that, but you can do the same thing with your existing customers, which will keep them interested, and having lots of interactions with customers on social media looks good anyway. People will know that if they ever have an important question or concern, you can be quickly reached over Twitter. So if you've not been doing any social media networking, why not get started right now? And if you don't even have an eCommerce website, sign up to Sellr now! You can make your own online shop for no cost at all.


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