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Starting a Business as a Photographer

By Adam  |  1 Sep 2015 19:00:00

You may look at Sellr, see that it gives you everything you need to create your own eCommerce website and think to yourself "This isn't for me, my skills don't really fit with that" and decide not to use it. But the thing is, almost anybody can use an eCommerce website to make money. It's not just a case of buying things cheap somewhere and selling them for a profit, because you can use your online shop to sell almost anything. In this blog post I am going to talk about how a photographer could use an eCommerce website to get their photography business going.


If you're a photographer, you doubtlessly have a selection of photographs which you're especially pleased with. Why not offer prints of these on your website? You don't need to even have them ready; to save money, you could just produce these prints as and when they are asked for. A nice framed picture or a poster will look great when they feature a really beautiful photograph. Furthermore, as well as selling your best piece of photography work, you could also sell yourself as a photography service. People like to have nice pictures of themselves and their pets and if you make clear guidelines about what professional photography services you can provide, then it would be a good idea to offer that on your eCommerce website. It may well prove to be more popular than the prints!


So, if you're a photographer, I hope that shows how you could make good use of Sellr. But it's not just photography; if you have any kind of hobby there is likely to be a way that you'll be able to make an eCommerce website out of it. In the past I've written about artists and chefs doing the same, and those posts could potentially be of interest to you. So, you see, an eCommerce website can appeal to anybody and with Sellr you can get one for free, so why not sign up? You've nothing to lose but you do have something to gain!


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