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By Adam  |  7 Aug 2015 08:00:00

If you look across the internet you'll find several eCommerce websites sitting stagnantly in some cold and lonely corner of the internet. If you were to use Sellr and make your own eCommerce website, how could you ever be sure that it wouldn't happen to you as well? Well there's one thing that all of those obscure websites have in common: poor marketing techniques. They're probably on Facebook or Twitter (possibly both, but it's not that common) and you'll see maybe five or six posts from them; they'll have started at some point in either 2012 or 2013 and begun by writing something on there once every month or so. The kind of things they'll have written will be very bland, very business-like things and then eventually, after a few months, you'll see they just gave up. Of course they probably have superb businesses, but they've made a fatal misunderstanding when it comes to social media marketing! If that sounds like the situation that you're in (or a situation you'd like to avoid) then read on.


The important thing to remember when it comes to marketing is that you need to be "human". Whether you're writing out a full blog post (like me!) or a simple tweet, try not to take on the tone of a detached, uncaring business. By all means be professional, but show that you care about your customers and, if you can, show that you've got a sense of humour! Share and write things that you genuinely believe will be useful or interesting to your customers. Answer your customers anytime they ask you a question. Reply to your customers complaints and let other people know of the nice things they've said, and get posting every single day! The first month or two of social media marketing will likely be the slowest: nobody will have found you yet. Posting a lot and doing everything you can to get any existing customers to find your social media feeds will be key. Writing one post on your first day and then doing nothing else for a month or more will, sadly, achieve nothing. It would also be a good idea to do some social media networking, but that deserves a blog post of its own! Just don't be afraid to interact with potential customers in a friendly way without overtly advertising.


So keep this crucial information in mind. There is just as much chance that somebody will come across your business for the first time via your social media feeds as there is that they will come across your main website. If a prospect does see you over social media first, are they really going to be all that impressed with a few, irregular posts which lack any sort of heart or passion? No they will not. In fact, they could well be turned away from your business entirely! So keep this in mind as you venture out into the world of social media. Let your customers know that you're somebody they can trust; that you're somebody who deserves their money. If you make your customers like you, you can be pretty sure they're going to be more likely to buy from you!


But if you still need to get your eCommerce website off the ground, sign up to Sellr now and put it together for no cost at all!


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