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The Internet's Two Year Rule

By Adam  |  28 Jul 2015 15:00:00

As the years go by we're seeing more and more people and businesses become successful over the internet. The world wide web is, as it says, world wide and so getting on the internet gives you a platform with the potential to reach millions of people! So I can see why somebody might want to start an eCommerce website: maybe you've got a unique product that you want the whole world to know about, maybe you just realise its capacity and think it would be a worthwhile venture: whatever your logic, it makes sense.


But there is something about the internet that you need to keep in mind: a little something called 'The Two Year Rule'. Essentially, what you need to remember is that two years is what is generally considered the minimum length of time for somebody to become a success online. You see, the internet is a huge place and there are so many people out there who have excellent ideas who just want to get noticed (you, of course, are one of them). As such, you can see why it might take a while for somebody to be noticed. Two years is a rough estimate of how long it takes but admittedly, you might have been on the internet for two years and still not be a success; that doesn't mean you never will be! It's not a case of "if you don't make it in two years you never will," but rather "it will take at least two years to make it big."


That's why we feel that it is important to make our services available for free. Most other businesses which offer you the tools to create your own eCommerce website expect you to pay right away, or after only a small free trial. We understand that these things take a little time to get off the ground and we don't expect you to have to spend a penny on our services until they do! In fact, it really is quite possible that you'll just have your eCommerce website as a small thing you do on the side for a little extra money without ever deciding to pay for one of the more comprehensive packages. Equally, you could become a huge success and be able to afford the most expensive package quite easily! So with these things in mind, why not sign up for Sellr now?


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