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The Value of Business Cards

By Adam  |  13 Aug 2015 15:00:00

If you've just started up (or are planning to soon start up) your own eCommerce business, then one thing you're doubtlessly wondering about is how you are going to get people to find out about your business. There are many things you can do to get your business noticed; two of the most prominent methods are social media marketing and content marketing, but I write about them a lot and today I want to talk about something else which you could be doing.


Of course, there's no suspense, you know from the title of this post that I am going to suggest to you that you get yourself some business cards. I'm sure you're all familiar, at least, with the concept of them, but a good business card should be something small which people can easily put in their pockets, it should include your name, the name of your business (ideally use the logo), your website's URL, your professional email address and a phone number (at very least). You should feel free to add other things though, like a single sentence about what you do, a photo of yourself or whatever else. Business cards need to be creative and memorable, and if you put too much text on it people might never really pay much attention to it. Be short, simple, sweet and creative! A memorable business card will have a lasting impression.


So once you've got your business cards printed out, what do you do them next? Well, it would be a good idea to keep a few of them with you at all times, because you never know when you might be in a situation where it would be good to hand one out. You might be waiting at a bus stop, get to talking to someone there and find out that they're exactly the kind of person who would be interested in your business; better give them a business card! Other than that, there are a huge number of opportunities for business people like you to network. A quick internet search should reveal to you when and where the next local business fair will be, and that will be a great chance to raise awareness of your business. You might even find yourself selling your product at an arts and crafts fair or a village fete, why not offer a card to any person who buys from you?


Business cards provide a nice, rather personal connection between your business and your prospects. People are much more likely to look at your eCommerce website if you give them a business card than they are if you just tell them about your website verbally, partly because with a business card they don't have to remember anything! So, if you don't have a business card, perhaps you should think about getting one in order to help promote your business. But if your business is still just an idea and you've not created your eCommerce website just yet, why not sign up to Sellr now? It is completely free!


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