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The Value of Email Marketing

By Adam  |  6 Sep 2015 18:00:00

I talk a lot about social media marketing and content marketing, but I don't think I talk often enough about how important email marketing is. Social media marketing and content marketing can be good ways of reaching new people and getting people to come back to your website, but email marketing works just as well. Something which is especially useful is a periodical newsletter.


When people sign up for your website, which they need to do if they want to buy from you, one thing they'll have to do is give you their email address. What you could do, when they give you their email address, is ask them whether or not they'd like to be put on your mailing list; a good idea could be to have the default choice as yes, so that everybody who's in a hurry gets signed up! Anyway, once people are on your mailing list, they'll get all of the emails you send out. You should send out a newsletter on a regular basis which should be filled with useful information, industry news and other things which customers might be interested in. You can also use the space to draw attention to any current sales and promotions and other things that cast your business in a good light. This way, whenever you make a sale with someone, they'll always have that ongoing connection with you.


So keep this in mind as you plan the marketing for your eCommerce website. Emails, though an older form of internet marketing, are still very effective and you should definitely make use of them. Not only can you send newsletters via email marketing, but with the larger Sellr packages you can even approach prospects with emails and attract even more customers to your wonderful business. So if you have a business which you'd like to take online, sign up to Sellr now to create your website and to implement an excellent marketing scheme. If you already have Sellr then make sure you're using the services which are available to you.


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