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The Value of Friday Sales and Promotions

By Adam  |  21 Aug 2015 08:00:00

Happy Friday, everybody! I'm sure you've worked hard this week and are looking forward to a rest tomorrow. I have to admit that I'm already getting excited about staying up late with pizza and a bowl of ice cream. That's Friday for you, the day to let your hair down and relax. If you run an eCommerce business through Sellr and work a 'day job' the rest of the time, then I guess you may be looking forward to getting to work on your true passion over the next few days. Anyway, I don't really think that I need to convince you that Friday's a day which is close to many people's hearts.


So why am I mentioning this? Well, Friday is actually the perfect day to offer special sales and promotions. At the end of the work week, people are likely to be thinking "I've worked hard, I deserve a treat" and are therefore more likely to buy something from your eCommerce website. That's not to mention that some people are paid weekly for their work and people who are paid weekly are usually paid on Fridays! So when people are in that happy, pre-weekend high, they're in the perfect state of mind required to make a purchase; if you offer a special promotion, will they be able to resist it? You don't even need to offer anything especially amazing; a slight reduction might be enough to persuade people to order a weekend treat! People also like to order things on a Friday because then they are likely to arrive on the Monday and then that will give them something to look forward to on the least popular day of the week.


So keep that in mind and, hopefully, that's persuaded you to be conscious of the days on which you offer a sale. Timing sales and promotions just right will ensure that they reach their maximum level of efficiency which, of course, will help you to drive sales. But if you haven't even launched your eCommerce website yet, why not sign up to Sellr now? For no cost at all you can turn your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality.


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