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Things to Avoid With Social Media Marketing

By Adam  |  15 Jul 2015 19:00:00

Social media is great because it's a free tool which anybody can use to market their business. However, as everybody is able to use it, that does also mean that some people get on there and do things all wrong. If you do social media marketing wrong you might just make your business look bad and turn people off of your website. This is the exact opposite to what you want your social media marketing to do! So in this blog post I am going to go over a few things to avoid so you can be sure that your marketing properly on social media.


Firstly, don't set up accounts on too many different social media outlets at once. To go from doing nothing on social media, to suddenly having lots of pages to run is likely going to be overwhelming. You probably won't be able to think of unique things to post on all of them (and you should be trying to share unique content on each outlet) and so they will probably just be left un-updated and if people see social media feeds that have been not been updated, it does not reflect well on the business.


You also need to know that there are a lot of social media scams out there. People may well try to trick you with paid services that promise lots of new followers when, in fact, those new followers will just be fake accounts run by bots. You might think it will make you look good to have more 'likes' but, if none of them are potential customers and nobody's going to actually see your posts, it is definitely not worth spending your money on! There are legitimate services that you can use for promotion (Facebook itself will 'boost' posts for a price) but just keep in mind that many are not trustworthy.


Finally, you just need keep in mind that the content you share needs to be high quality. Make sure you proof read every tweet and every post, as, on the internet especially, people can be very put off by spelling or typographical errors. You also should use hashtags well; they can be a great way to help new people find your business, but if you use them badly, they will just look annoying. Post in moderation too, because if you post too often, people will begin to find you annoying and zone out your posts. The worst case scenario is that too many posts will mean that less people see them; things like Facebook's algorithm mean that if you post too often it will be deemed 'unimportant' to the customer and they won't see your posts anymore.


So with all that in mind, why not set up your social media accounts today? It stands to be a very useful outlet. If you've not even got your Sellr account yet, however, then sign up for that first! It is completely free and a great way to start up an eCommerce business.


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