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By Adam  |  2 Dec 2015 10:00:00

If you're doing some Twitter marketing for your eCommerce website then you are doubtlessly going to want to get as many of your customers following you as possible. If somebody buys something from you it could be a onetime thing, but if somebody buys something from you and also follows you on Twitter, then there'll be an ongoing connection between you and them. When a customer sees you lots of times in their Twitter feed, especially if they've purchased from you in the past, their chances of making another order are greatly increased. But how do you get customers to follow you on Twitter?


There are many ways to encourage your customers to follow you on Twitter, and thankfully Twitter themselves have provided some Twitter buttons which make the process much easier. If you click on the link I just provided, it will take you through to a selection of different Twitter buttons; one gives the option for people to instantly tweet a link to the page they're on (ideal for pieces of content marketing that you'd like to be shared), one gives the option for people to follow you (exactly what you might want on your homepage or in a confirmation email), one gives people the chance to instantly tweet a hashtag (good for times when you're trying to build excitement for a sale or something) and the final one lets them tweet directly to your Twitter page (perfect for a customer support page). As you can see, these buttons are very, very useful and once you've filled in all the little bits of information to customise them, you'll be given a simple code to paste into your website and then the button will be yours!


So if you don't have any Twitter buttons on your eCommerce website, perhaps now is the time to add some? It really is very simple to use and could be a great way to help boost your number of followers. Bear in mind that the more followers you have, the more faith people are likely to have in your business! But if you've not even started your eCommerce website yet, then sign up to Sellr now! For no cost at all you can turn your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality.


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