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By Adam  |  5 Oct 2015 09:00:00

Are you hoping to start up your own eCommerce website? Either as a wholly new venture or as something which will be the 'next step' for your existing business? Well, if so, then you've doubtlessly been looking around the internet and considering the options which are available to you. One of these options is San Francisco based service Weebly, but what if you also are keen to not use Weebly? It does have more than its fair share of problems! Well, let me introduce you to Sellr, Sellr is an alternative to Weebly and one which you might just find to be much better.


Sellr is a service which helps you to get your own eCommerce website, either by giving you the tools you need to make one yourself, or having our web design team make one for you based on your specifications. We offer a variety of different sized packages so that we can accommodate businesses of all sizes; you need only choose which one is best for you. Beyond that, we also have a blogging system, social media management, the ability to send mass emails and many other marketing and promotional features which are essential to the smooth running of any online business.


But how is it better than Weebly? Well, firstly, if you want to start an eCommerce website, Sellr is definitely the stronger option. Sellr was designed specifically for people to make eCommerce websites whereas Weebly is more of a generic website creation tool with a few eCommerce features thrown in. Sellr is really good because it comes with the marketing features which I mentioned above... Weebly simply cannot deliver when it comes to this. So if you were hoping to start up an eCommerce website, I hope this will show you that Sellr is the right choice for you, because it simply has more to offer than Weebly (that's not to mention that it is cheaper too!) So why not sign up to Sellr now and get started? You could use our free package and not spend a thing! Don’t think it’s worthwhile selling over your own website? Here’s why it is.


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