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Unique Fonts from Google Fonts

By Adam  |  4 Jul 2015 19:00:00

One thing that a lot of eCommerce website owners will be conscious of is how unique their website is. If you lack graphic design skills, or the budget to hire a graphic designer, you might worry that your website will begin to look bland. No matter how good your service, or product, if somebody comes to your website and thinks that it looks boring, they might just leave. In a world where the internet provides everyone with such a large range of choices for every purchase they want to make, you need to have an exciting or unique look if you want to captivate your prospects. A helpful (and free to use) service which might be able to help you with this problem is Google Fonts.


Google Fonts is one of many free services provided by Google which will be very useful to anybody who has an eCommerce website (others being Google Translate and Google Trends). What Google Fonts does is help you to find exactly the font you need for your website, one which fits its tone and style, and then it provides you with the code you need to implement it on your site. It really is as simple as it sounds: once you choose a font, just copy and paste the code to get it on your site!


Google Fonts is incredibly simple to use. You choose your script (set to Latin by default, but you can have Arabic, Greek and many other kinds of characters too) and you adjust dials to change the thickness, slant and width of fonts. Several appear on screen at once so that you can compare them instantly and get a strong idea of which ones will work best for you and your site. This will just be another of several small things which will help to give your site its own feel and identity, which is exactly what it is going to need of it's going to remain in the heads of your customers.


If you don't have your website yet, sign up for Sellr today! It is completely free and with the help of tools like Google Fonts, you can really make a superb website.


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