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Use Google Analytics to Monitor Your eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  20 Jul 2015 19:00:00

If you've got an eCommerce website there're several questions that you're going to be asking yourself: who's visiting my site? How are people finding my site? How many people who visit my site also buy from it? and so on. If you knew the answers to these questions it would help you to better understand your audience and to find out what they like. You'd be able tailor your business more to your consumers, making them happier and, in turn, making your business more successful!


Well, it just so happens that Google provides a service which can meet all your needs: Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you can see the times that people come to your site, how many people come to your site, which pages on your site are the most popular and lots of other extremely useful nuggets of information. You can set goals for yourself, try marketing strategies and see immediately whether or not they are having an effect and much more. As Google Analytics is a free service, it's certainly something to sign up for if you're managing your own eCommerce website.


One of the most useful things for those with an eCommerce website is the fact that Google Analytics measures a page's 'Bounce Rate' which is a term used to describe the frequency in which people visit the home page of a website and then leave before looking at anything else. With an online shop, you definitely want to have this be as low as possible. If somebody sees the homepage and then leaves right away, it means they're not taking the time to browse your products or to see what excellent deals you have on offer. So, if this is happening, it's a clear sign that your homepage needs some work, because it's probably the biggest thing to be conscious of, with an eCommerce site.


For example, it might just be that your homepage looks a bit bland; people click on the link, go there, think 'boring' and leave without even taking the time to take in all of your content, however exciting it may be. This could be improved in several ways, such as striking visual images, excellent deals visible on the front page and maybe even a video that provides more information about the business. There are lots of ways to keep people interested in your eCommerce website and Google Analytics can help you to see what you're doing well and where you're lacking and is one of the most important tools to running a successful business on the internet.


So, once you've got your eCommerce website all set up through Sellr, the next step is to get Google Analytics!


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