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Use Google Merchant Centre to Promote Your eCommerce Website

By Adam  |  4 Jul 2015 15:00:00

For any business to thrive, you need to invest in marketing. In our modern age, the internet provides excellent tools which can be used for free promotion. I've already written about how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can all be used to promote your eCommerce website for free, but today I'd like to discuss one of the options available to you if you've got room in your budget to spend something on marketing. I'm talking about one of the many useful services that Google provides: Google Merchant Centre.


When you use Google, everything you do is monitored - the websites you visit, the terms you search for, the pages you like on Facebook; whatever it is you're doing online, if you use Google it has a good idea of your interests. Because of this Google is able to tailor online advertisements so that you only see things that will actually be of interest to you, which is a fantastic way to ensure that advertising works well. Google Merchant Centre gives you the opportunity to get in on this marketing scheme.


For a fee, Google will ensure that prospects are seeing advertisements for your products. I'm sure, if you use the internet regularly, you will know what I mean; you'll be visiting one of your usual websites and then you'll spot an advert on the side for something you think is really cool. The advert will only be there for you because Google knows that it's the kind of thing that you will like. By using Google Merchant Centre, it will be your product that's the really cool thing that people see advertised. As you can tell, this means that Google Merchant Centre has the potential to bring you a very large number of new customers.


No matter how good you are at social media marketing and how many shares and whatever else you can generate, how effective it is will always depend on people actually seeing it. Don't get me wrong, social media marketing is a very effective tool and definitely worth your time, but Google Merchant Centre is a great way to take things a step further. With it, you won't need to count on people finding your website, because your website will be finding new customers by itself. Your website could potentially be hugely popular, but for one flaw: nobody's heard of it. Google Merchant Centre will make sure people hear about it. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth your consideration.


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