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Use SEMrush to Boost SEO

By Adam  |  8 Sep 2015 08:00:00

When you run an eCommerce business you want as many people as possible to find your website. Therefore search engine optimisation (SEO) is very important. A big part of SEO is the layout of your homepage, but another equally significant part is the use of keywords and that's just one of the many things which a service called SEMrush stands to help you with.


SEMrush can be used in order to monitor the traffic coming onto your website and also the traffic onto the websites of your competitors. What's quite useful is that you can use it to see which terms people are writing into search engines in order to get to your website. This kind of information is especially useful to those of you who make use of content marketing. If you can see which search terms are most commonly used by people to find your site, you can use that as an idea for what other things would help people find your website as well. But, what's especially helpful is finding out which terms are used most commonly to find the websites of your competitors. Most probably, the majority of terms will be linked to their content marketing and seeing what is the most popular will give you an idea of what you can also use to bring people to your website. If lots of people are finding a competitor through a certain phrase, then think about how somebody else might write that phrase in a different way and try to fit that into the title of a post. Then when people search for that, they'll find you and not your competitor.


Of course, that's not the only thing SEMrush can do for you; it has a vast array of features designed to help to performance of your website. If you're in a position where you can afford to be paying for additional services then SEMrush is something which is certainly worth your consideration. But if you don't even have a business to promote yet, then sign up for Sellr now! For no cost at all you can make your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality!


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