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Use Social Media to Find New Prospects

By Adam  |  29 Aug 2015 18:00:00

When using social media, in particular Twitter, you can interact directly with people who stand to be customers. But the thing is, how do you know who stands to be a potential customer? Well, one thing you can do is search through the hashtags and see which Twitter users have been tweeting about the subjects related to your business. It may not necessarily mean that they are going to buy from you, but there's a chance! But how else can you find these prospects? Well, something you might like to consider is looking at the Twitter feeds of your competitors; you'll notice that you can see all of the Twitter users who follow them! What could you do with that information?


Well, it may sound devious and it might not be something you are comfortable with doing, but you could try to interact with your competitor's customers; look at their Twitter feeds and reply to any tweets that will be relevant to your business, and retweet the best ones too! Don't advertise yourself to them, just be polite and engage with the things that they are sharing. Being nice to them in this way will give them a stronger positive impression of your business than if you just told them how good you are and it will be a nice way for them to build a relationship with your business as well. This stands to be especially effective if your competitors are huge corporations because people often like to support small independent businesses over large ones, if they can.


If it helps you to feel better about doing it, surely your own business is better than those large ones? You care much more about your customers and providing a high quality product, after all! So, really, by doing this, aren't you just helping people to see which option is best for them? You might even be saving them money! If this is something you decide to try, I hope you'll be successful!


But if you haven't even created your eCommerce website yet, sign up to Sellr and do so right away! It doesn't cost a thing and, if you work on it a little every now and then you may eventually find you have something you can live off!


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