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Use Typekit for Custom Fonts

By Adam  |  31 Jul 2015 15:00:00

When putting together your own eCommerce website, you want it to look unique. There are lots of other eCommerce websites out there and even other businesses which are offering products which could rival your own! So you want something to make your own website stand out, something to make it visually appealing and to make it a unique reflection of the ethos of your business. What can you do to make sure you achieve this?


Well, one service which you might wish to consider is Typekit. Typekit is a subscription based service which gives you access to a huge range of unique, custom fonts. These would be very useful when it comes to making your eCommerce website unique and there are many effective ways that you could put those fonts to good use. For example, one of these fonts could be a good way to create your own logo, especially as this is something people often struggle with. Another idea could be to use one of them for your slogan: if you've thought up a great, catchy slogan, you want people to spot it because if it really is catchy, it will stick in their head. If you get something like that stuck in the customer's mind, especially if they're a new customer, then they have a much higher chance of returning to you. Basically, if you're especially keen to draw your customers attention to certain things on the homepage, the use of these custom fonts would be a great way to do so!


It all works quite simply with you essentially just copying over the code once you've done a couple of things, so you probably won't have much trouble using Typekit. If you can afford the extra expense, I think it could definitely be worth your consideration. Not only will it enhance your web design, but you could also use it to help you make exciting graphics to draw attention to sales and such over social media. Doubtlessly, you will be able to think of many uses and if you do get Typekit you should be sure to try each and every one of your ideas! A great deal of marketing is linked to creativity and if you’ve got quite a creative idea, by all means go for it.


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