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Use Zendesk to Improve the Customer Experience

By Adam  |  5 Jul 2015 09:00:00

When you run an eCommerce website the main thing you need to do is accommodate your customers. Your website needs to be easy to use and have its check out process be as simple as possible. The things which are most likely to stop potential customers from going through with their purchases are long sign up processes and complicated payment gateways. You have to be sure to eliminate these things and make your website as streamlined as possible. Zen Desk provides you with the resources you need to ensure that customers are as happy as possible and can turn to you if they have any issues.


Zen Desk is a paid service which can be used to implement a useful customer support option on your website. You may have your email address listed on your website and maybe even your phone number, but Zen Desk helps you to take these things a step further, making them more professional and comprehensive.


There are various Zen Desk packages available so that you can go for which ever one fits your business the best. One feature allows you to create your own work emails, which will certainly look very professional ( and also provide an easy way to communicate on a strictly work basis with anybody who works for you, while also providing an easy way to ensure that all customer emails go to the correct place. You can set up a special telephone number for your business which you can then set to always redirect to your mobile phone; this will be a good way for you to identify when you are receiving a work call or a social call. Furthermore, you can also use it to set up a simple chat system for customers to use when they have a problem; chat systems are effective because it assures customers that they will have solutions to their problems instantaneously without having to go to the bother of calling up, so they are much more likely to go for this form of customer support over any other.


Of course, if you're just starting up with your business, not all of those features will be suitable for you. Still, Zendesk may well stand to be a huge benefit to your eCommerce website, so you should take the time to see what they have to offer and decide which packages (if any) are the best match for your site. It can be as cheap as £1 a month!


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