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By Adam  |  20 Nov 2015 10:00:00

Sellr is a great way for people to start up their own eCommerce website. You can use our templates to build a website for yourself (without having to pay us anything) or you can pay for one of our larger subscriptions and we'll build a website to your specifications! Perfect. But did you also know that web designers can use Sellr as a way to make money? It's true! In this blog post I'd like to talk to you about the opportunity for web developers that Sellr presents.


Essentially, we're giving web designers the chance to work with Sellr. If you are able to make a great website which uses the Sellr system and then persuade somebody to take out one of our subscriptions, we'll give you half of their subscription payments for as long as they're with us! So if you put together four sites and then get four people to sign up to our biggest package ('Sellr Business') then you'd be making over a thousand pounds from them every single year! Of course there are different packages and different prices (and so on and so forth) but either way, if you can get people to sign up and stick with us, that would bit of additional income for you.


We realise that web design work can sometimes be hard to come across, so we wanted to put this opportunity out there! Perhaps you'd like to sign up for a chance to see what Sellr is like and how it can be used? Or maybe you don't have any web design skills and are simply interested in using Sellr to get your own eCommerce website; in either case, why not sign up right away? If you do want to start an eCommerce website now would be the best time to do so (with Christmas just around the corner), so don’t delay; get your business online now!


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