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What is eCommerce?

By Adam  |  23 Jun 2015 08:00:00

Some readers of this blog will already have their own Sellr accounts and be pros with their own eCommerce websites, but everybody has different levels of knowledge about different things and this post is more of an introduction to the idea of eCommerce and what it is that Sellr can do for you. I'm going to talk about what, specifically, eCommerce is (as it's mentioned a lot on this website!) and how it is a great way to help get new businesses to their feet.


Ecommerce, put very simply, is the process of making money over the internet. Email is "electronic mail" and so eCommerce is "electronic commercial activity" which is an easy way to remember it. Sellr helps you to set up your own eCommerce website, which basically just means online shop. It's an important thing to be considered, because as technology becomes more and more prevalent, big, older companies are all making their way on to the internet (in fact, most of them are all already here) and so, if you're starting a business, the internet seems to be the perfect place to start.


A big factor is money. The internet provides lots of free tools which can be used by the average person to market themselves and start a business. I'm sure you've all heard of people who have become huge successes through the use of the internet and, while that doesn't happen overnight, or happen to everyone, it's that potential which makes the internet, and tools like Sellr, such a great resource. For the first time in history, people who don't have much money to begin with are making names for themselves.


A couple of decades ago, if you wanted to start a business, what did you do? Buying or renting a place to open up shop was probably one of the first steps. Today the first step is to start up your own website and it is completely free. Without paying a thing, you can use Sellr to create your site, list up to twenty five items, send out emails to customers and much more. Even more features are available for a premium, but the point is that you can get the ball rolling for your business with the only expense being the cost of your stock!


But you do need to plan; customers won't come to you unless you give them a reason to. You need to determine who it is that you're selling too, what your company's unique selling point is and how you are going to keep the customers coming back to you. These are all good things to be thinking about and things like Google Analytics and social media can help you to find the answer. Sellr also gives you the ability to send out newsletters to your customers and doing so regularly will keep you fresh in the minds of your customers.


So now that you've had an introduction to the idea of eCommerce, why not sign up with Sellr (for free) and have a play around? Even if you only have a vague idea at the moment, if you work on it for a few minutes every day, you may eventually have something that you're making money from.


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