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By Adam  |  27 Jun 2015 10:00:00

She's just decided what to sell on Sellr!The internet is a wonderful tool which has been extremely useful to many people. It provides a way for people to be 'noticed' which was not available in previous generations. Therefore, it only makes sense that you'd want to make use of it and get started with your own eCommerce website. Sellr can be used for free and it helps you to get your own online shop set up in a simple and easy way, some people have seen such big success with their Sellr eCommerce website that it is now their main source of income! But, of course, just wanting to start up an eCommerce website isn't a strong enough business plan and you need more of a substantial idea before you can get started, so now I'm going to talk about some of the things that would be suitable products for an eCommerce website.


What you need is a product which is unique, so the obvious first idea is to sell things that you make yourself. If you have any hobby which has you creating things which other people might like to own, an eCommerce website could be the perfect platform for you. If you make puppets, or children’s toys, clothes or even paintings, those would all be perfect things to sell. People like to own things which are unique and if you're selling a product which literally can't be bought anywhere else they may well be quite excited by what you have to offer. If you do have the necessary skills, you could even provide a way for customers to give you commissions where they request a specific thing to be made; you then photograph it for all to see and, if there's enough interest, then list it as a regular item later on. People are often keen to fund independent creatives.


But, of course, not everybody has the necessary skills to produce things that they could sell, or, indeed, the time to produce enough items to fill up an entire eCommerce website. So you might sell things that were produced by external sources, either exclusively or alongside things that you made yourself. One idea could be to sell used books; when people go into a book shop they'll only find all of the recently released titles which are still in publication, you could take the time to look around as many used book shops as you can hoping to find cheap (but rare) books which could then be sold on your site for a profit. Used bookshops can sometimes be a bit of a gold mine as it's not hugely uncommon to come across something for £5 which, online, could sell for £40. Selling used items like this is a good idea because, unlike if you had created a brand new product, people would already be online and actively looking for the product you're providing. It's not just books either; you could do the same for CDs. You could even set up a shop around a certain franchise which you are very interested in and have your website be the most comprehensive source for buying items related to it. The important thing to remember, when selling used items, is to always buy low and sell high... or sell reasonable, at least!


There are a lot of ideas and if you were hoping to start up an eCommerce website through Sellr, I hope this has inspired you. Sign up to Sellr for free, it may turn out to be one of the best decisions you make!


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