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Why People Are Switching from CubeCart to Sellr

By Adam  |  17 Jul 2015 08:00:00

Are you hoping to start up your own eCommerce website and investigating all of the options? You may be looking at our website and thinking to yourself "Sure, Sellr looks good, and it is free, but then again, so is CubeCart. Why should I go for Sellr over CubeCart?" well, that's a good question and one which I am going to answer with this blog post! Then you'll see why people switch from CubeCart to Sellr.


The first advantage of Sellr is that it is a lot more user friendly. You only need to take a quick look on the CubeCart website and read a few things to see that it was all clearly made with the more advanced user in mind. If you're somebody without much foreknowledge who's come up with an idea for an online shop and has been looking online to find to appropriate tools to make that idea a reality, CubeCart will not be for you. At Sellr, we hold your hand at every step of the way, making things as simple as possible and providing you with easy access to our customer support, just in case something confusing does come up. But we're not just for beginners either, we have more advanced options available for the more experienced user too as we are keen to accommodate everybody.


Then there's also the fact that CubeCart is a completely free service. This might seem like a good thing until you consider the fact that, if they're offering a free service, they're not going to make as much money from it and the less money they are making the less likely it is that you are going to be satisfied by said service. With Sellr, meanwhile, we do offer a free service (Sellr FREE) but we also offer several paid packages which means that we can provide you with more extensive features if and when you need them, but you never have any obligation to move up to one of our paid packages. So, while CubeCart gives you a just-the-basics service, Sellr gives you that too, but with options for expansions, so doesn't it make more sense to go for Sellr since you never know what you might want to do in future?


Additionally, Sellr features extensive marketing tools, which are essential for any eCommerce website to be successful. CubeCart has no marketing features, so Sellr really does seem to have the edge over CubeCart. You can see why people would switch from Cubecart to Sellr! So if you are hoping to start up your own eCommerce website, why not sign up to Sellr right away?


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