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Why People Are Switching from Magento to Sellr

By Adam  |  15 Aug 2015 12:00:00

If you want to start an eCommerce business you are doubtlessly scouring the internet and looking over all of the options. One of the options, of course, is Sellr and a lot of people go for us. Another option, meanwhile, is Magento. Both offer the tools to create your own eCommerce website and so I could see why you would be considering them both; but, ultimately, how can you make a decision? Why should you use Sellr over Magento? Well that is the question I hope to answer in this blog post. Hopefully then you will understand why it is that people are switching from Magento to Sellr.


First things first, both offer a free to use package for when you first want to get your eCommerce website started. That's fair enough, we feel, because it is important that people have as few expenses as possible in the early days of starting a business. It'd be a terrible shame if you started a business and the one thing making the difference between you making a profit and not making one was the cost of maintaining your website. It is likely that Magento feels the same. The thing is, though, that with Sellr we offer a few other packages for when you feel the smallest, free package no longer suits your needs. The second package is £9.99 per month, the third is £19.99 and so on. What do you think the next step up for Magento is? Well, it's certainly a lot higher than our own. The second Magento package costs $18,000 (£11,538.20) a year! That's not exactly a sum which you can ease yourself into! To compare, that's £2884.55 a month.


With Sellr, our goal is to gently ease your eCommerce business up to a level of success. Magento, meanwhile, seem to say "Right here's a package for you if you're just starting out and here's a package for you if you're already a big successful business" with no real middle ground. We cover that middle ground and what we cover it with is an easily traversable path which will lead you from the Land of New Businesses to the World of Success. So if that sounds like your kind of service that will best suit your business, then sign up for Sellr now! For no cost at all you could turn your eCommerce dream into an eCommerce reality.


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