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Why People Are Switching from Mal's E-commerce to Sellr

By Adam  |  2 Aug 2015 12:00:00

If you're thinking of starting up an eCommerce website, you're likely researching the market and finding out what services are available to you. If you're reading this blog, you've doubtlessly come across Sellr and hopefully think of it as a viable option. But what about all those other businesses that offer their own eCommerce services? What about Mal's E-commerce, for example? Why should you choose Sellr over Mal's E-commerce? Well that's the question I hope to answer in this blog post and hopefully then you will see why it is that people switch from Mal's E-commerce to Sellr.


What you need to understand is that there is a fundamental difference in the services that Sellr and Mal's E-commerce provide. Sellr gives you all the tools you need to create your own eCommerce website, but Mal's E-commerce gives you the resources to turn an existing website into an eCommerce website. So, if you don't have anything yet, but want to start an eCommerce website Sellr would definitely be the best route to go down because otherwise you're going to have to find another service to create the main part of the website first with Mal's E-commerce. This won't be very useful because what if the service you used to create your website suddenly got 'upgraded' giving it's backend an overhaul; all of a sudden it might not be compatible with Mal's E-commerce and you would have to find a new service to continue the eCommerce on your website; likely causing trouble for a large number of customers in the process!


So you can see why it would be better to use Sellr than Mal's E-commerce if you're hoping to start an eCommerce website for the first time. Having to set up your own website though another service first presents the risk of an additional cost, and using that in conjunction with Mal's E-commerce also presents the risk that one day you will be unable to use them together and have to seek out a different service. So why not sign up for Sellr? It is completely free and can be used for free forever!


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