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Why People Are Switching from Shopify to Sellr

By Adam  |  15 Jul 2015 08:00:00

If you're thinking of starting up your own eCommerce website, Sellr is something you might be considering. But only considering; you've not made a solid decision because you know that there are so many other businesses out there who are offering the same services (Shopify, for example). So why should you pick Sellr over Shopify? Well, that's what I'm going to go over in this blog post, so read on to find out why people switch from Shopify to Sellr!


A big thing is the price. You might be thinking of starting up an eCommerce website and so look for a service to use so that you can give it a go and see how profitable it turns out to be. If you use Shopify for free, you have only fourteen days before you have to start paying, but you can use Sellr for free indefinitely! The fourteen day free trial is really rather unhelpful, because how can you tell if a business venture is going to be worthwhile in only two weeks? With Sellr, you can take as long as you like before deciding whether you want to pay for our services; a year, two years, or however much time you need! We offer more and more features for each package we offer, but Sellr FREE still gives you everything you need to run and maintain a profitable eCommerce business.


Shopify seems to assume that all of its customers are people who already have a strong business and now want to branch out into the world of eCommerce too; Sellr accommodates those people with its paid services, but also is able to give something to people whose businesses are just starting out. The early days of a business are the hardest and we know that you don't have the money for lots of expenses which is why we let you use Sellr for no fee at all.


But even if you do have an established business and you are thinking about branching out onto the internet for the first time, Sellr FREE allows you to experiment with this without you having to spend a thing! That's not to mention that all of our packages are much more affordable than Shopify's, yet you lose nothing by choosing us over them. We offer marketing services, we can offer you personalised website designs and everything else you'd need to start up, run and maintain your own eCommerce business! So, whoever you are, why not sign up now? You have nothing to lose.


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