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Why People Are Switching from Squarespace to Sellr

By Adam  |  24 Jul 2015 15:00:00

Are you somebody who is hoping to create their own eCommerce website? Or maybe even just your own blog? If so, I imagine you're looking around the internet and weighing up all the options. There are many website creation services out there and you want to be sure you go for the one that suits you most. So how can you decide? For example, if you're considering both Sellr and Squarespace, how can you choose which of those is best for you? Well, in this blog post I plan to show you the strengths that Sellr has over Squarespace and hopefully then you will see way it is that people switch from Squarespace to Sellr.


Firstly, while Squarespace does give you a rather helpful 14-day trial in order to test out whether or not their service is going to be worth your money, is fourteen days really going to be enough? Fourteen days will give you enough time to become familiar with the software, but it won't give you an idea of how popular your idea has been; the whole point of an eCommerce website is that people come to it and buy from it. In two weeks you're hardly going to get a good idea of whether or not your business idea was sound. This seems to have been a crucial oversight on Squarespace's side, because, as I said, two weeks is only enough time to get to know their software, not to see how good your idea was.


Sellr, meanwhile, allows you to run your eCommerce website for free for an unlimited period of time. Not only that, but when you use Sellr for free, you are able to sell more items than you can with Squarespace's paid service! So with Sellr, you can slowly get your eCommerce business off the ground and take as long as you need to decide how happy you are with things. There's no time limit, no pressure, and it's just something you can do on the side. Eventually, once your business has grown enough, you may decide that one of the paid services are better for you and so go for that instead. But the point is that you can do whatever best suits you and, unlike Squarespace, you will never have to pay, unless you want to.


So, if you're convinced, sign up to Sellr now! It could prove to be very useful.


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