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Why People Are Switching from Wix to Sellr

By Adam  |  4 Aug 2015 08:00:00

There are a multitude of website creation tools out there and if you want to make your own eCommerce website you are doubtlessly looking over them to see which one is best for you. One of the options that you might be looking at is Wix: Wix is a free website creation tool which is popular and used by a lot of people. Though it can be used for free, there are also premiums available which give you access to more advanced features... This is much the same as Sellr, so how can you decide which is best? Well, in this blog post I am going to tell you how and then you will see why it is that people switch from Wix to Sellr.


The primary strengths that Sellr has over Wix are down to its main use and purpose; Wix was created so that you could just make a website, whereas Sellr was specifically designed with eCommerce in mind. With Wix, you can only make an eCommerce website with one of their paid packages (as opposed to doing it for free with Sellr) and, even then, it does not come with the marketing tools essential to make any eCommerce business a success. With Sellr you are given access to email marketing and social media marketing features which can be used to reach new customers and to ensure that existing customers keep coming back. You can schedule emails, which makes it very easy to do regular newsletters, you can send abandonment emails and you can even run your Facebook and Twitter directly through Sellr! That's not to mention that we also have an extensive blog feature and when you have finished a blog post you can have it posted directly onto your social media feeds. With Sellr you're covered on social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing, all of which are vital to the growth of any eCommerce business.


So I hope that has convinced you that Sellr is the best route to go down if you want to start an eCommerce website! Wix seems like it was a generic website creation tool with eCommerce features added as an afterthought and so is not best suited to ensure the success of your business. With that in mind, why not open an account with Sellr and make your eCommerce dream an eCommerce reality for no cost at all?


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