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Why People Are Switching from X-Cart to Sellr

By Adam  |  21 Jul 2015 07:00:00

If you're hoping to find a website which can help you to start up your own eCommerce website then that's good. Maybe Sellr will be able to help you. But take your time; investigate all of the options that are open to you. We want to be sure you make the right decision for your business. I imagine that somebody might think "What does Sellr have that the others don't? Why should I go for Sellr over X-Cart, for example?" That's a good question and one I'm going to answer in this blog post and then you shall see why it is that people change from X-Cart to Sellr.


The biggest thing is the price. Like Sellr, X-Cart does offer a free service, so you will be able to find out whether either service is for you before paying anything. So, at first, the two businesses seem to be on equal footing. However, for the second payment package and for all afterward, you need to pay for a 'lifetime licence' which are all rather expensive (the cheapest one is almost as much as a year on Sellr's most expensive service) so you're kind of being made to make a big commitment in one go. Sure, you are allowed to get a refund if you ask within thirty days, but that thirty days may not be enough time to see how well your business is developing! With Sellr you could just try a paid package for a few months and then decide you don't want to anymore; you could then cancel the subscription and still have paid less than X-Cart’s lifetime service! Sellr leaves room for experimentation in a way that X-Cart does not.


Furthermore, one of the unique selling points of X-Cart is that its more expensive packages offer you the resources to create your own multi-vendor eCommerce website. This might sound great, because surely if a lot of people are selling on your site,  that will increase its popularity and draw people in, right? It's certainly a possibility, but the chances of you being able to start up this website and then have lots of people want to sell through it are pretty slim. Amazon and eBay dominate the multi-vendor market and if people want a platform to sell things on, they'll go for one of them, if they're more serious, they'll probably just start their own eCommerce website. There's not much room in the marketing for new multi-vendor eCommerce websites.


So hopefully that will have persuaded you that Sellr could be the better option for your business. If it has, sign up for free now! You might never spend a penny, but eventually come to live from off of your Sellr-created eCommerce website.


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