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Why Sellr is Better Than Ekmpowershop

By Adam  |  22 Jan 2016 12:00:00

When people try to find a business to help them launch their own eCommerce website, one of the first things they'll come across is Ekmpowershop. Ekmpowershop has been around for several years and is quite well known as a common solution for people's eCommerce needs. But what you need to bear in mind is the fact that just because Ekmpowershop are well known, it does not mean that they are necessarily the best choice. There are many other businesses that offer an equal or greater service to Ekmpowershop and in today's blog post I would like to go over the things that make Sellr better than Ekmpowershop.


- You can use our "Sellr FREE" package and you'll gain access to everything you need to run an eCommerce website indefinitely. This will give you plenty of time to decide when and if you ever want to invest in one of the paid packages.
- Ekmpowershop offer a fourteen day free trial of their services, after this everything you've done is deleted. You then have to pay to start again.
- Sellr offer a variety of paid packages, from £9.99 a month to £499.99 a year. They all include a different set of features and so you can be sure you're paying for exactly what you and your business will need at the time of signing up and nothing more.
- Ekmpowershop have a single £24.99 per month package - this one size fits all approach means that bigger businesses are often not given enough features and smaller businesses are given features which do not yet have any use for them..

- With Sellr you get what you need to put together an eCommerce website which you can then use for as long as you stay with us. We make changes to the software based on customer feedback.
- Ekmpowershop frequently update their software, but with little regard for customer feedback. This means that often Ekmpowershop gets updated in ways that will cause parts of customers' eCommerce websites to lose their functionality.
- Other than that crucial difference, Ekmpowershop offer roughly the same things as Sellr (though with diminished content marketing features, email marketing features and other more advanced features) but being able to choose which package and features you want, with Sellr, makes a world of difference.


So if you were planning on starting up an eCommerce website at some point in the near future, I hope that this is some information that you will keep in mind before making your ultimate decision. We want you to have a successful eCommerce site and you need to make sure you are choosing the right solution for that. If you are interested in Sellr, sign up right away and get started for no cost at all!


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