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Why Sellr is Better Than Volusion

By Adam  |  23 Sep 2015 09:00:00

When somebody decides that they would like to start up their own eCommerce business, they will find themselves with several options. They're going to need a service which will help them to create an eCommerce website, manage and list items for sales and also which can handle marketing. Does that sound like something you've been looking for? Volusion is one of the most common choices, but Sellr provides a similar (but better) service and in this blog post I am going to go over all the reasons that Sellr is better than Volusion.


- Volusion has four different packages which each require monthly payments; Mini (£9), Plus (£19), Pro (£49), Premium (£89).
- Sellr also comes in four packages, three of which require monthly payments: 'Sellr FREE', 'Sellr Go' (£9.99). 'Sellr Pro' (£19.99) and 'Sellr Business' (£49.99). All of these are more affordable than their Volusion counterparts.
- 'Sellr Pro' and 'Sellr Business' are both also available with annual payments (£199.99 and £499.99 respectively) and if you go for the annual 'Sellr Pro' package or higher, then we will build a custom designed website just for you!
- If you want a custom designed website from Volusion, you're going to be spending over £2,000... That's ten times more than our price!

- With the cheapest package, Volusion lets you connect to your social media outlets and optimises your site for mobile use.
- Sellr's free package gives you all of those things, and is essentially the exact same service but for no cost.
- Regardless of your package, Volusion plaster their logo onto your website, making it look unprofessional.
- While your website will feature mini Sellr adverts if you're using the free package, all others will have no trace of Sellr from the perspective of a visitor to the site.
- If you're on Volusion's £49 a month package then they will provide you with a CRM database to keep track of customers.
- Sellr will give you a CRM database if you are using the £19.99 a month package; more than half the price!
- If you are paying £89 a month, Volusion will allow you to list an unlimited number of products.
- Sellr allows you to list an unlimited number of products even if you are only paying £19.99 a month! That's less than a quarter of their price.

I could go on highlighting all of the little ways that Sellr is better than Volusion, but I feel that I have covered all of the biggest points in this post. So if you were hoping to start an eCommerce website, why not sign up to Sellr and get things started right away? You could always experiment with our free package first, if you're unsure. Equally, if you already have an eCommerce website which you made through Volusion, why not change? You stand to save yourself quite a bit of money, depending on which package of theirs you use!


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