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What is Sellr?

By Adam  |  28 Jun 2015 10:00:00

So you've seen our homepage and read an overview of what Sellr can do. Presumably you liked the sound of it and decided to head over to our blog, so in this post I'm going to talk in a little more detail about what Sellr is and why it's good. I'll also talk about what you stand to gain by using the paid versions of Sellr rather than the free version and hopefully this will provide you with the strong understanding you need, before deciding to use Sellr.


Sellr is a free to use tool which can help you to create your own eCommerce website. An eCommerce website is essentially an online shop; a place where you will be selling goods or services to make money over the internet. Perhaps that sounds confusing, or as if it might be beyond your capabilities, but don't worry! Sellr was made to accommodate people no matter what their skill levels. All you need is a business idea and if you have a business idea, Sellr can turn that idea into a reality.


'Sellr FREE' is the free, basic version of Sellr. I'd encourage all people with any interest in opening an eCommerce website to try 'Sellr FREE' because you can use that to get the ball rolling and to see how good the service really is, before potentially deciding to upgrade at a later date. 'Sellr FREE' is still quite a comprehensive service, despite the lack of payment; you can design your website based on a selection of templates and make it unique to your website. Once you've got a site which reflects your business, then you can list up to twenty-five items for sale. You can have up to fifty different promotions on your items which will keep the customers excited and you can offer a couple of bundles too. Of course, you can use payment gateways to cover customers no matter how they want to pay and you can send out emails and texts to the customers to keep them updated on their orders. It's everything you need to get your eCommerce business onto its feet! So that we make some money back from this, we will put Sellr adverts on your site, but with 'Sellr Go', for only £9.99 a month, you won't have them which will make your website just that little bit more professional. Both of these also come with the extremely handy ability to list items on your Sellr store and eBay simultaneously.


The next step up is 'Sellr Pro', for £19.99 a month. Of course, this does everything the cheaper packages do, but on top of that you will then have the ability to list, not twenty-five items, but as many items as you see fit! A large number of items will broaden the appeal of your website and therefore bring more customers to you. Perhaps the most exciting addition, with 'Sellr Pro', is the fact that you will have up to five thousand marketing emails a month, which could well mean that you get more purchases from your existing customers. Not only that, but you'll get full stock control, up to a thousand customers stored in a CRM database and, if you pay annually, you'll get a custom made template for your website. All of these things put 'Sellr Pro' quite a bit above 'Sellr FREE' and 'Sellr Go'.


Finally, you have our most impressive package: 'Sellr Business'. For £49.99 a month, as well as everything I've spoken about already in this post, you get one hundred thousand marketing emails a month and a total of a hundred thousand customers which can be stored in the CRM database. You can offer a thousand promotions a year, save sales data for three years and much more. Most excitingly, with SellrPro, you get unlimited changes to your custom web template, meaning you can update your website design whenever you want. This is a great way to keep your site fresh and current. It's exactly the kind of thing that any successful business would need to maintain its website.


So that's an introduction to Sellr! If you had an idea for an eCommerce website, you should get started right away and sign up now.


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