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By Adam  |  21 Jul 2015 19:00:00

If you are planning to start up an eCommerce website, or if you've recently launched your own eCommerce website, you've doubtlessly got a few of your own ideas. While I have full confidence that your own ideas for your website are air tight, I want to use this blog post to suggest five things that mustn't be overlooked when you're just starting your eCommerce website.





1. Social media
Everyone is on social media, and therefore customers will expect you to be as well. Not having social media accounts will make people think that, perhaps, you aren't very technologically minded and if they start to think that, they might also start to question your competence at running an internet based service (which could dissuade purchases). Not only does having active social media feeds make your business look good, however, making the proper use of social media can be very useful for helping you reach new customers and for keeping in touch with existing customers as well. Read a full post on it here.


2. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the many services provided by Google and it allows you to monitor the traffic coming to your website. When are people coming? Which pages are people looking at? How long do people stay on your website? These are all important questions that Google Analytics can answer for you. If there's important information about your business on a page that your customers aren't looking at, bring the information to the home page! Read a full post on it here.


3. Customer Support
This is something which often isn't given that much thought. You want your customers to know that you are there for them if they ever have any difficulty on your eCommerce website. What measures have you taken to ensure that help is at hand? Make sure there are, at very least, ways for help to be given ASAP via phone or email. Beyond that, a live chat system may also prove to be very useful. If a customer feels they won't get the help they need, they may well abandon their purchase. Read a full post on it here.


4. Customer Experience
This kind of ties in to number three, but your customer support and the customer experience are distinct things. When I mention the 'Customer Experience' what I really mean is 'How are customers interacting with your site?' which is tricky to find out. You will doubtlessly find some of your answers through customer support, but make sure that there are lots of ways for customers to leave feedback and also, if possible, a way for you to monitor what people do on your website. Read a full post on it here.


5. Content Marketing
Although not as many people are familiar with it, content marketing will prove to be just as an important part of your marketing scheme as social media marketing. Content marketing is the act of creating lots of interesting content for your website which potential customers will find. When people find your interesting content, there's a good chance that they'll then go on to buy your products too. Having lots of high quality content is always going to be a good idea. Read a full post on it here.

But, of course, if you haven't even started to make your eCommerce website yet, why not sign up to Sellr now? It is completely free and with the help of this post, you could make something eMazing!


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