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Google Restructure

By Adam  |  11 Aug 2015 19:00:00

Google is an important part of the internet. Let's face it, a good deal of internet businesses rely on Google; be it Google AdSense, Google AnalyticsGoogle Trends or something else, most businesses are going to get some vital help from Google, and that's not to mention the number of searches which are conducted through Google and lead people to those businesses! So it should be of interest to anybody who has a business online (or even whose business is just partially based online) that Google is undergoing a restructure.


You may have realised that there are two sides to Google: there's the internet search side, which includes the things I mentioned above and is generally based around the internet and helping people to run and promote their own websites and then there's also a more experimental side to it. I'm sure you've heard stories of Google working on self-driving cars, robots and other things on the cutting edge of science. With the restructure, all of those more experimental things will be handled by Google's new parent company Alphabet, while Google, the main part, will continue at what it does best. It means that it will be easier for them to focus on the individual projects and for things to run more efficiently. Also, as the Google side and Alphabet side are really quite different, it makes sense that such a distinction would have been made.


So what does that mean for people like you or I? Well, nothing in the short term, but it would be good to keep your eyes on things. Once the dust of this restructure has settled, we're likely to see some new things crop up. Perhaps existing Google features will be improved and refined, making them even better to use with your eCommerce website; perhaps they'll put out a brand new tool which will be the thing for optimising your website. Who knows? But with more of a specific focus for these areas, we are doubtlessly going to see these services enhanced! This, combined with the already upward incline of eCommerce business, means that it's a good time to have an eCommerce website! If you don't have one yet, why not sign up for Sellr...?


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