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Why Sellr Is Better Than Magento

By Simon  |  1 Dec 2017 20:00:00  |  Full article...

If you have been looking into building a new ecommerce website for your business, you will not have escaped the mention of Magento, mostly from web design individuals or companies. Firstly there is a simple reason for this. It's nothing to do with the features in Magento, ease of installation or suitability for your business. It's the simple fact that the web designer can obtain Magento for free, and then charge you thousands to set it up for you. Magento provides a

Alternatives to EKMPowershop

By Simon  |  21 Nov 2016 11:00:00  |  Full article...

Alternatives To EKM Powershop With Sellr, you can either choose from over a hundred built in responsive themes, or we can design one for you at no extra cost. Each theme can be customised in an infinite number of ways, so we guarantee you will be happy with the finished website.   Sellr has a number of benefits compared to EKM Powershop and most other ecommerce software:   You can use Sellr for FREE. Many ecommerce software providers, including EKM Powershop

Why Is Magento So Popular?

By Simon  |  18 Nov 2016 11:00:00  |  Full article...

  At Sellr we produce a hosted ecommerce solution. We have created a system that has everything in it to make an online store successful, literally everything, and you can use it for free including hosting. However we have a drop in the ocean compared to the number of users who use Magento. Why is this?   Marketing Model and Distribution Magento has a great way of distribution mainly because it is open source and free. What this means is that Web Designers can

Free Magento Alternative

By Adam  |  11 May 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

When looking for an eCommerce solution, you might come across Magento. Magento is an eCommerce solution used by a lot of big businesses. As I am sure you can guess, Magento is quite an expensive package and the kind of thing which might be out of the price ranges of a lot of people, especially owners of small businesses who may not yet have much of a budget. So, understandably, a lot of people may be looking for a free Magento alternative and I have one for you: Sellr.   Sellr is

Free Invoice Software

By Simon  |  10 May 2016 11:00:00  |  Full article...

  Easily Create Professional Invoices for Free and Allow Customers to Pay Online        Invoicing is something that most businesses do from time to time. Even if most of your business is completely automated, for example as an online store. You will eventually get someone who wants you to invoice them for the goods that they are wanting to purchase. Invoicing is essentially a request for payment to the customer. Some

OpenCart Alternative

By Adam  |  9 May 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

OpenCart is an open source eCommerce solution that is used by a lot of people. As a free package, it's something that is used by a lot of people, but if you were looking for an alternative to OpenCart, you've come to the right place! Sure OpenCart is pretty good and a lot of people use it, but it has its drawbacks and it isn't perfect (which I suppose is to be expected from open source software) so if you've ever been dissatisfied with OpenCart, you might like to try using

Is Ekmpowershop Worth the Money?

By Adam  |  18 Apr 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

If you want to do business over the internet, you're going to need an eCommerce website. One of the most popular eCommerce solutions is Ekmpowershop, who provide a fairly easy to use template based eCommerce website creation tool. Crucially, however, their service is not free to use and if you're running a business you need to make sure that you're getting a worthwhile return on every expense. So before you sign up to Ekmpowershop and use it to create an eCommerce website, you have

RomanCart Review

By Adam  |  7 Mar 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

If you want to start up your very own eCommerce website, then there is a vast array of options available to you. Sellr, Ekmpowershop, Shopify, ShopWired and many others too. But today I'd like to tell you a little about RomanCart. RomanCart has been around for many years and is used by a huge number of businesses with eCommerce websites. So if you wanted a more in-depth understanding of RomanCart, here's our review.   RomanCart is advertised as the perfect thing to turn any

The Pros and Cons of Ekmpowershop

By Adam  |  4 Mar 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

If you're thinking about starting up an eCommerce website, you might think that Ekmpowershop is the best platform for this endeavour. Ekmpowershop is one of the best known eCommerce providers around and one of the biggest in the UK, so it's likely that that will be the first thought for a lot of people. So if you were thinking that you'd like to make an eCommerce website with Ekmpowershop, then here's a list of their pros and cons, which should be useful to any of their

Everything You Need to Know About Ekmpowershop

By Adam  |  19 Feb 2016 12:00:00  |  Full article...

If you're planning on starting an eCommerce website, then there's a good chance that one of the services you're interested in using in Ekmpowershop. However, if you are planning on using Ekmpowershop, it's probably best to make sure that you know everything about it beforehand. As such, we decided that it would be beneficial to provide a nice and simple one stop shop for everything you need to know about Ekmpowershop. 1. Ekmpowershop only offer one payment

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