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By Adam  |  3 Dec 2015 10:00:00

As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, we are bringing in a new and completely revamped control panel for Sellr which is much easier to use and comes with a plethora of new features. Many Sellr merchants are already using the new control panel and they are loving it! The new features, like Sellr chat and the customer location mapping software, are all proving to be extremely useful and everybody enjoys using them. Today I'd like to reveal to you yet another new feature that Sellr now has to offer: customer accounts.


When people buy from an eCommerce website sometimes they will want to have an account with that website so that they will be able to make future purchases more easily and so that they can look over their recent order history. Now if you get an eCommerce website with Sellr, you will have the ability to offer that feature to your customers. There are probably some people out there who wouldn't be comfortable with buying something online if they weren't given the chance to make an account; now your business will appeal to them as well.


The feature is brand new and also, entirely optional. Maybe you don't want to have accounts on your eCommerce website and that's fine, but we aim to make Sellr as broadly appealing as possible so we feel it is important to provide a variety of options. If this sounds like the kind of thing that might appeal to you, then sign up to Sellr now! For no cost at all we'll give you the tools you need to create your very own eCommerce website. Alternatively, you could pay for one of our more expensive subscriptions (the annual £199.99 "Sellr Pro" package, for example) and we'll build you a website to your specifications. Whatever position you're coming from and whatever you want, Sellr can give it to you.


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