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By Adam  |  10 Nov 2015 12:00:00

If you want to buy something from the internet, it's likely that one of the first places you'll turn to will be Amazon. Amazon have virtually everything available for sale and it's quite easy to just head there for all your eCommerce needs. But the thing is, while there are a few independent businesses selling through Amazon, most people buy things directly from Amazon and then there's the guilt that you're actually just supporting a huge corporation which is running all of the other businesses into the ground. Even though your own contribution will be miniscule, it’s still a sad feeling.


Well, if you would like to do more to support independent businesses, then perhaps you'll be interested in Sellr! I've mentioned recently that an exciting update is coming to Sellr, which will bring with it a complete overhaul to the control panel system. So far I've told you a little about the customer mapping software and then live chat systems which are coming soon, but what I haven't mentioned is our plan to make Sellr a much more social experience. All Sellr users are connected to the same system and we're going to integrate features which will allow them to interact with one another. Anyone who uses Sellr is going to be someone with an eCommerce website (or, at very least, a blog) and these new features will be a great way to connect you with other independent business owners.


This will be great for making new friends, finding new businesses to buy from/support, sharing ideas with other professionals and maybe even forming business partnerships! While these features are not yet available, they're coming in the near future and are definitely something to be excited about. You could network with other Sellr users to get your business name known, while they do the same. Perhaps you'll find out about a great product you never even knew existed; perhaps your product is a great product which people didn't know existed. Either way, this will be great for independent businesses, so why not sign up to Sellr now so you can be a part of it? Since it's totally free to do so, you have absolutely nothing to lose!


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